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Hidden under your bed in a box with skittles
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About Me

Name                            |     Black         Shadow

                                       | (first name) (last name)

What she is                 | Veko Vampire (Hybrid)

Inneranimals              | Wolf and Cat

Ears                             | Black, Silver or doesn't have any.

Tail                               | Black, Silver or none

Hair                             | Red, Black, Silver or Dark Blue

Eyes                           | Bloody Red or Grayish

Height                        | 5'5

Family                       | Master Ryko, Miyako, Crystal, Riza,

                                   | Wrath, Rae, Master James,

                                  | Master Ray, Jinx.

What she likes      | Milk, tea, blood, playing, making new things,

                                 | getting petted, someone brushing her hair, rubbing of the cat ears.

Age                          | 17 years old.

Boyfriend                | Ryko (Randy/Ath/Mr.Turtle)

Bestfriend              | Black Sun

Enemy                    | Hunter the werewolf -ex boyfriend

Powers         | All Elements, changing form, conrol over blood. 

Weapons         | The bag and or weapons on hand (Gun, rope, | spear.chains, nails, ect..)


Life Story

Born as a human with eyes that changed from silver to black. On her second birthday at 12:00a.m. she was bitten and turned into a vampire. Over the hundreds of years she gained powers and met lots of people, some lucky to be a part of her family. Even though she can't help but beening a little shy around them and others. Shes had many boyfriends (but not to many she can't keep count) and lost them plus some friends. She's been a slave and a pet as well as pertending to be someones girl. She knows a lot about what happens to other girls and tries to find a way to help them out if she can.





The Bag


A normal looking nag, used to store things in. Onc inside its like another world with thingies floating and laying everywhere, even a house, weapons even animals can be put in this bag and be taken out. If you were to drop of tip the bag up side down nothing would fall out of be out of place inside.



A box that just looking like nothing big can fit into it. But once you step foot inside its like a large meddum sized room. (With a bed, futon, chairs, coffee table, Water park, swimming pool, hotub, closet with a room, robotic bed, kitchen and bathroom.) You can add onto the box room and not too many people can fit in it. But it is comfy

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Welcome and thanks for joining Nutty Forums! If you ever need anything, we're always here to help!
Reply Strawberry
6:11 PM on May 12, 2012 
Welcome to Nuttyforums ^^ thanks for joining

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