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(PAQ = Possibly Asked Questions)

Questions about Meebo

Questions about the rules

Questions about Role Playing

General Questions

  1. Who made this site?

    Me, Castle Luver.

  2. Why is the site called Nutty Forums?

    Because I'm nutty and random

  3. What are Webrings?

    A Webring is a group of sites. See those things that say "This site is a proud member of [name of ring]"? If you click on one of the arrows it takes you to a different site. Giving sites more people.

  4. How did Webring get it's name?

    If you click on the arrow pointing right, it takes you to a different site, and if you click on the arrow pointing left, it takes you back here. Same thing with the right arrow. So then it's a ring of websites, "Webring" 

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Questions about Meebo

  1. What is Meebo?

    Meebo is an Instant Messager thingy. The little bar at the bottom of the screen that stays there no matter where you scroll the window.

  2. How do I use Meebo?

    Click the "[number] online" button and click someone's username. Another thing will pop up and you can click on the box at the bottom of it and type anything, then press enter and it will show up on the window thing. Go to Meebo.com I think they have a video of it.

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Questions about the rules

  1. Are pictures allowed?

    As long as you don't violate copyright laws and they aren't inappropriate.

  2. Are links allowed?

    As long as they don't lead to inappropriate sites.

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Questions about Role Playing

  1. What is Role Playing?

    Role Playing, Role Play, RP, or RPG, is where you act as a character (human/animal/etc.) in a sort of game.

  2. Where do I RP?

    In the forums page, under the category "Role Playing"

  3. How do I RP?

    Go here

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Questions about the domain

  1. This site is going to be deleted once the time is up on it.

    1. It is sort of a paid domain, but I don't pay for it.
    2. No it's not.

  2. But it doesn't have a paid domain

    I think some website hosting companies may do that, but the one I'm using doesn't.

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About my animation stuff

  1. You suck at animations!

    1. I'm not a professional or anything.
    2. Don't look at it if you think it's bad. God, people waste their lives so much on things they don't like and complain about it. How darn stupid can you get? >.<

  2. Are you an expert artist or something?

    No. I just like drawing.

  3. Why do you make animations?

    Because I like to. (...)

  4. What do you use?

    I use stykz for animation, GIMP for editting animations and making graphics, Windows Paint for making graphics, and Windows Movie Maker to add intro's and credits and stuff to animations.

    My sound doesn't work for some reason, and it's been over a year and I still have no clue what's wrong with it. So I can't add sound to my animations, but as soon as I get my sound fixed I'll look for a program that does.

  5. Can I show other people your animations and stuff?

    As long as you give full credit to me and link back to this site, yes.

  6. Can I show other people your animations and say they're mine?

    No. If you do I'll sue you.

  7. I'm going to anyway!

    They're copyrighted to me, so it's against the law. Have fun being sued.

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About Biohazard

  1. What is Biohazard about?

    Eh.... You'll find out once I make it.

  2. When will the first episode come out?

    I don't know. Probably a few years after I get Adobe Flash.

  3. When will you get Adobe Flash?

    Whenever I have $600  and a better computer.

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