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It's all nutty fun here at Nutty Forums™


Welcome to Nutty Forums! There's Chit-Chat, Role Playing, and many other nutty things! HAVE NUTTY FUN!!!

Warning: I have been working on the site off and on, so it may act weird sometimes or something.

Currently I am making a survey. Please change your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from this website, and then refresh the page.)


Around 2010 when I started getting into computer stuff, someone told me about Webs. So I made this website. It was originally just to talk, then I started getting annoyed by the changes on FP, and made all of the forums and everything.

Other sites

I've been looking around for a better site hoster, and when I deside I've found the best one that I can find, I'll delete my websites on the other hosters. Until then, here are the ones I've made:

NFP - Nutty Forums @ Proboards.  I don't like it as much as Webs, because I can't make pages. But otherwise, it is better. And webs doesn't let me have anymore than 8 pages with a free account, so I'm not sure.

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